A lo Cubano
- A lo Cubano

Understanding the Greatness of ‘A lo Cubano.”

Bridging forward innovation and tradition stands to be a tough task that many fail to achieve. Moreover, when it is meant to be meaningful music, things tend to get a lot more complicated. But that was not the case for a classic released around 20 years ago. Coming from the talented hip hop group, Orisha, “A lo Cubano” is a noteworthy classic that is going to be remembered for a long time. The record filled with songs that brought forward the Black Cuban identity, made listeners instantly fall in love with the group. Due to all that, we decided to go back in time to shed more light on a classic.

Turning Reality into Music

One of the essential points that stood out in the album were songs that described the many elements of truth. Be it social issues or other kinds of aspects; the group made songs that were relatable to every single individual who has been through the same. While their other albums also sought out a similar, it was “A lo Cubano” that was the main point of attention. The album generated sales and gave the group a lot of fans who come out from different corners of the world.

The US-Influence

Another element that was widely spoken about was the apparent US-influence. While a lot of individuals believed it to be a way of attracting more people to their music, they failed to see the truth. Considering that Cuba was heavily censoring US culture, the band took a creative risk by pushing this particular element forward. Moreover, it was soothing to their music, as it managed to combine different aspects and unapologetically embraced Cuba’s Yoruba roots. As a result, the album turned out to be a complete package that left everyone rooting for Orisha.

Latin Grammy

Latin Grammy

Apart from earning the group, a global appeal, the album was also successful in bestowing them with a Latin Grammy. Due to this, the kind of attention that they received was credible enough to begin conversations. Yes, that’s right. A lot of people started to speak about the album and the importance of black Cuban identity. While the need for dialogue was well within the frame, the inclusion of this album made things a lot more possible. It became a part of people’s voice, and the need for change followed to head in the right direction.


“A lo Cubano” will go down as one of the best albums by Orisha. But the fact that it also brought about a different outlook may never be discussed in the future, and our generation might not come across this greatness. As a result, the future will be uncertain about the driving force of change.


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