Orishas' Top Albums
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Orishas’ Top Albums

As a hip hop group from Havana, Cuba, Orishas has been around since 1999. Over the course of years, the group has gone through different names that formed an appeal in the minds of the youth in Cuba. The culture they brought with their music was critical in exploring numerous aspects of life and helping us understand music. By creating a black identity, Orishas went ahead to make music that was soothing for the years and relatable to our existence. Due to all that, we are going to look back at a few of their classic albums that were known to be their greatest. Hence, here are Orishas’ top albums.


1. A Lo Cubano

There’s no dispute or doubt about their number one album which formed the basis of the black Cuban identity. “A lo Cubano” was a classic and an innovative hip-hop album that may never be forgotten. The groundbreaking sound tagged, along with American influence, gave the album a different outlook that the world was ready to explore. Apart from the formation of identity, the record was also successful in creating conversations, ultimately earning the group a Latin Grammy.

2. Emigrante

As a follow-up to “A Lo Cubano”, “Emigrante” stood firm and gave the rap world another twist. The record was released on June 11, 2002, soon after Flaco-Pro left the band. Apart from the obvious talk of social issues, the collection also has tracks that can get you dancing and help you have a good time. The unique and original sound that they generated was well captured in the album, as it went on to be the ideal treat(Must Watch An Intro) for their fans. Towards the end, everyone appreciated the solid effort they put into the album, even though it was nowhere close to “A Lo Cubano”.


3. El Kilo

This 14 track album widened their scope further as fans from around the world wanted to catch them live. With more political chops and other crucial aspects, “El Kilo” was indeed a fan favourite. By releasing this album, Orisha established their dominance over Cuban hip hop, and the world began to take notice. The standard ground groove and street-smart appeal worked in their favour as sales generated across counters. So if you’re in to taste some classic hip hop, then “El Kilo” could open things up for you.

4. Antidiotico

Released in the year 2007, Antidiotico is another gem from Orisha that went down as a notable release. In terms of reviews, the album scored a ten on ten with top critics like New York Times Selects giving the album a thumbs up. The different tracks that were included in the collection brought forward a unique taste and further described the greatness of the group.

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